Prices and Payment


Children’s Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Boys’ Freestyle (Thurs) Class – £3.50.

Streetdance, Musical Theatre, Freestyle, Drama Class, Contemporary – £4.00.

Derwent Theatre GroupS – £4.00.

Adult Classes – £4.00 ad hoc or £20.00 for a block booking of 6.

The following discounts are available per family/household:

3 classes per week = 10%

4 classes per week = 20%

5 classes per week = 25%

Class fees are payable by cash or cheque. If you prefer to make a Bank Transfer please ask for our details and be sure to reference your child’s initials and surname.

Fees are to be paid monthly in advance or half-termly in advance at the parents’ discretion. First 3 lessons paid for singularly as trial sessions.

At the beginning of each month and half term Miss Kate will provide details of how many sessions there are in the payment. Derwent Danceworks will continue to remain open through the February, May and October Half terms as well as the first two weeks of the Summer Break. Each child has three free holiday weeks in the year (January to December) and we do not mind if these are taken in advance or arrears. Eg if your child is unexpectedly absent for a week in May and the fees have already been paid, you can take the holiday off the June payment – but please remember to supply us with the relevant date!

Please understand that we are happy to negotiate individual arrangements on a confidential basis should this system be difficult in any way.