Covid 19 Safety Policies and Procedures

What are we doing to protect students during the pandemic?

  • Teachers have undergone extra training sessions online in Covid 19 Prevent Online Training.
  • Teachers will meet students at the door – please do not enter the venue before your lesson is beginning and the previous class have left.
  • We will always listen to concerns of individuals and families.
  • A strict one way policy will be in operation at each venue.
  • Children will need to sanitise their hands on arrival  – sanitiser is provided.
  • Dance activities will take place without social distancing, from September 2021.
  • Over 11’s should still bring a mask to dance, for moving around the venue and for close contact work.
  • We will increase natural ventilation at each venue.
  • If your child requires first aid or has other needs where social distancing becomes impossible, we will wear face masks and gloves to attend to your child.
  • We have a Track and Trace policy so we can alert anyone from the lesson if there is a case of Covid 19 up to 21 days after the class.
  • Surfaces which are touched regularly whilst the venue is in use will be wiped down periodically during the day then a thorough clean undertaken at the end of each session.
  • If a student suddenly develops symptoms in the session, contact will be made immediately with the parent/guardian and the child isolated in a well ventilated space with a member of staff who will wear appropriate PPE.

What do we need you to do to keep everyone safe?

  • Please discuss how dance classes will run differently this year with your child at home, stressing the importance of paying attention to their teacher!
  • Remind children of the importance of washing their hands, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Do NOT send your child to dance classes if they display any of the following symptoms near the time:
  • A raised temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Unexplained aches and pain/sickness.
  • Meet us outside the venue at drop off and wait outside to collect at the end of the session.
  • Send any medication as normal in a clearly labelled bag.
  • Be sure you have completed your Track and Trace form BEFORE the start of term, to comply with our Track and Trace policy. We will abide by GDPR rules and inform NHS authorities of registered participants if required to do so.
  • Avoid sending any items with your child which aren’t absolutely necessary, but they will need their own water bottle as we can no longer provide water in cups.