Derwent Drama Club and Derwent Theatre Group

Did You Know? ‘Drama’ comes from the Greek word for ‘action, play or deed.’ Does exactly what it says on tin!


For kids

Derwent Drama Group was established in Wheldrake in 2010 then moved to Thorganby in 2012. These are very special sessions revolving around Theatre Art and are specifically for older children (ages 12+). A new Theatre Group at Knavesmire for ages 9-14 will launch in September and aims to provide a creative environment in which to explore this fantastic art form.

Sessions involve the introduction to all genres of Drama from Comedy, to period acting, Physical Theatre and Modern Theatre. Students also have the chance to write scripts, direct scenes, have a hand in designing set, costumes and imagery as well as learning about the technical aspects of being part of a theatre group.

In the past Derwent Drama Club has been on several trips to see pieces of drama performed in York. We have also had lighting workshops and physical theatre sessions brought to us in class. Drama groups aim to put on one major performance each year, some of which the students write and produce themselves whilst others are worked from a published script.

Drama builds confidence and encourages creative flair across a range of skills. Team work and social skills are enhanced and the group has a freedom to steer their sessions towards their own creative goals. Friendship, laughter and creativity are just a few things we aim to pick up along the way!

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