Prices and Payment


Adult Classes – £6.50 ad hoc or £20 for a block booking of 4.

We are now operating a monthly payment system for children’s classes, with one single amount due at the start of each month for 11 months of the year, (no payment to be made in August).

Classes are now charged at a flat rate and payments for our 42 teaching weeks of the year are averaged out so the same amount is paid each month between September and July. This includes your annual 3 free holiday weeks allowance. (so you only pay for 39 weeks across the year).

We will send each student/family an invoice at the start of the calendar month, which will also contain an easy link to a GoCardless payment option. Once you have inputted your information into this safe system, simply click ‘Pay Now’. You will not need to input your information in future transactions/invoices, simply tap ‘Pay Now’ when you are happy to make your payment.

We are unable to take Cash or Cheques due to the Government Guidelines surrounding the pandemic and the risk of contamination. For our online bank details, please email

As with all business throughout the pandemic, we are incurring considerable extra costs at this time. We have therefore had to increase prices of lessons slightly to account for additional rental, cleaning equipment, PPE, training etc. Please see new slight increases below:
Remember prices are per family, so Derwent students still enjoy a highly competitive discount on multiple classes and siblings joining too!

1 class per week = £16 per month
2 classes per week = £30 per month
3 classes per week = £42 per month
4 classes per week = £52 per month
5 classes per week = £60 per month
6 classes per week = £66 per month
7 classes per week = £72 per month
8 classes+ per week = £78 per month.

Remember fees are calculated per family/household eg 2 siblings taking two classes each would incur the 4 class fee, so £52 per month.

Please understand that we are happy to negotiate individual arrangements on a confidential basis should this system be difficult in any way.